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The Evolution of Electric Heating

Unlocking Efficiency: Electric Radiators vs. Outdated Storage Heaters

Curious about the comparison? Let's explore the differences between Electric Radiators and Outdated Storage Heaters.

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Modern Electric Radiators

Control: Precise temperature settings, timers, often with app control

Aesthetics: Sleek, modern designs in various styles

Installation: Simple plug-and-play

Heat Type: Combination of radiant and convection heat for quick and lasting warmth

Responsiveness: Heat up quickly, ideal for on-demand heating

Energy Efficiency: Advanced technology maximizes efficiency, lower running costs possible

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Night Storage Heaters

Control: Limited control, heat release can't be adjusted on demand

Aesthetics: Bulky, outdated appearance

Installation: Requires professional electrician, more complex

Heat Type: Primarily convection, can feel less comfortable as heat dissipates

Responsiveness: Slow to warm up, best for consistent background heat

Energy Efficiency: Older technology, potential for higher running costs, reliance on specific tariffs

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Benefits of electric radiator

Discover the advantages of our heating solutions

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How many radiators do you require?

Not sure how many radiators you need? Get help here!

Effortless Heating Control at Your Fingertips

Enhance Your Comfort with Smart Heating Control

Experience the convenience of managing your electric radiators effortlessly through our partner's intuitive smartphone app. Take charge of your home's heating, customise settings for individual rooms, and track energy usage with ease.

Take control of your heating

Control all your electric radiators through your smartphone. Linking each radiator individually gives you the ability to control room temperatures and energy usage.

Control rooms individually

Control each radiator individually. Choose which rooms you want to heat, saving you energy and money.

Track your energy usage

Use your smartphone to track your energy usage of each radiator. You can also set power limits to help save energy.

Window detection

Using the application you can set your electric radiators to detect when a window is open. Now that makes common sense.

Our radiator partner companies apps on all major app stores, including Apple and Google Play.

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